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About Dr. de la Haye
About Dr. de la Haye

Kayla de la Haye is an Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine at the Institute for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Research (IPR) within the Department of Preventive Medicine, USC.
She specializes in applying social network analysis and systems science to health promotion and disease prevention. Her work has examined the spread of obesity in adolescent social networks, and how social-ecological systems influence health behaviors (diet, physical activity, substance use) in youth and families. She is also working to develop interventions that enhance or alter social networks and social systems to increase healthy behaviors and reduce disease in at-risk communities.
Dr. de la Haye holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Adelaide, Australia.

Dr. de la Haye’s Research Interests

Some of my current research projects include:

COPE: Childhood Obesity Prevention at homE
• This study capitalizes on the strengths of established Home Visitation Programs, which serve at-risk, low-income, diverse mothers and their infants, to test a weekly, in-home, evidence-based childhood obesity prevention model (COPE) delivered in the first 2 years of children’s life. COPE targets important maternal and social network mechanisms to support the adoption and maintenance of healthy eating and activity in low-income families.
• My role: Co-Primary Investigator (Co-PI: S.J. Salvy)

Monitoring and Modeling Family Eating Dynamics (M2FED): Reducing Obesity Without Focusing on Diet and Activity
• This project proposes M2FED – an integrated system of in-home beacons, wireless and wearable sensors, and smartphones that provide real-time data on in-home eating behaviors and social dynamics. This rich data will be aggregated to generate real-time models of Family Eating Dynamics, that can ultimately inform future just-in-time, adaptive interventions.
• My role: Co-Primary Investigator (PI: D. Spruijt-Metz)
• Funder: National Science Foundation

QUANTA: Quantitative Network-based Models of Adaptive Team Behavior
• In this project our multi-institutional team will use expertise in cognitive and behavioral science, sociology, computer science, and network science to generate dynamic models of teams and social groups that effectively explain various dimensions of group performance and problem-solving.
• My role: Primary Investigator at USC
• Funder: Army Research Office

Recent Publications

de la Haye, K., Dijkstra, J.K., Lubbers, M.J., van Rijsewijk, L., Stolk, R. (In press). The dual role of friendship and antipathy relations in the marginalization of overweight children in their peer networks: The TRAILS Study. PLOS One.

Salvy, S.J., de la Haye, K., Galama, T., Goran, M. (2017) Home visitation programs: An untapped opportunity for the delivery of early childhood obesity prevention. Obesity Reviews, 18:149-163. PMID: 27911984, PMCID: PMC5267322

de la Haye, K., Embree, J., Punkay, M., Espelage, D.L., Tucker, J.S., Green, H.D. (2017). Analytic strategies for longitudinal networks with missing data. Social Networks, 50:17-25.

de Heer, H.D., de la Haye, K., Skapinsky, K., Goergen, A., Wilkinson, A., Koehly, L.M. (2016) Let’s move together: Impact of family health history information on encouragement and co-engagement in physical activity of Mexican origin parents and children. Health Education and Behavior, 44:141-153. PMID:27198532

Allender, S., Millar, L., Hovmand, P., Bell, C., Moodie, M., Carter, R., Swinburn, B., Strugnell, C., Lowe, J., de la Haye, K., Orellana, L. (2016) Whole of systems trial of prevention strategies for childhood obesity: WHO stops childhood obesity. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 13:1143. PMID: 27854354, PMCID: PMC5129353

Selected Publications

de la Haye, K., Robins, G., Mohr, P., & Wilson, C. (2010). Obesity-related behaviors in adolescent friendship networks.Social Networks, 32(3), 161-167.

de la Haye, K. (2013). RE: "Are network-based interventions auseful antiobesity strategy"?. AmericanJournal of Epidemiology, 178(5), 837-838.

Salvy SJ, de la Haye K, Bowker JC, Hermans RC. Influence of peers and friends on children's and adolescents' eating and activity behaviors. Physiol Behav. 2012 Jun 6;106(3):369-78. doi: 10.1016/j.physbeh.2012.03.022. Epub 2012 Mar 28. Review. PubMed PMID: 22480733; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC3372499.

Professional History
Research Assistant
CSIRO Food and Nutritional Sciences
2007 — 2009
Research Assistant
Flinders University
2009 — 2010
Associate Behavioral / Social Scientist
RAND Corporation
2010 — 2014
Education History
Bachelor of Arts
University of Adelaide
2002 — 2004
Bachelor of Health Science (Honors)
University of Adelaide
2006 — 2006
Health Psychology
University of Adelaide
2007 — 2011
Courses Taught

PM501: Foundations in Health Education and Promotion


Finalist, American Academy of Health Behavior Judith K. Black Early Career Research Award, 2014

Brook Scholar Award, RAND Corporation, 2013

University of Adelaide Doctoral Research Medal, 2011

Franz Dalziel Prize for Thesis in Psychology, University of Adelaide, 2011

Australian Psychological Society Award for Excellent Higher Degree Thesis in Health Psychology, 2011

Australian Postgraduate Award, Australian Government, 2007

CSIRO Preventative Health Flagship Scholarship, Australia?s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, 2007

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